Mobile Crusher Alleviates the Construction Waste Problem

dongfang | 01 Ноябрь, 2017 15:34

Nowadays,with the transformation of cities, a large number of construction waste has been generated, which leads to the destruction of the ecological balance. The disposal of construction waste will increase our construction costs and waste a lot of manpower. Building waste residue has good physical and chemical stability, and its performance is better than that of clay, silt, sand and limestone. These properties determine that construction waste crusher is a good machine for construction waste disposal, which can be applied in engineering construction to turn these waste materials into treasure. The appearance of mobile crusher not only solves the land pollution problems in cities, but also achieves the beneficial development. The design philosophy of mobile crusher is based on the actual needs of customers, which takes removing the obstacles of crushing sites, environment and complex configuration as the primary solutions. construction waste crusher is the complete set of mobile crushing and screening equipment placed in one or several trailers, which is composed of raw material bin, vibrating feeder, multilayer vibrating screen, medium crushing equipment, fine crushing equipment, mobile belt conveyor, sand washing machine, electrical control system, etc. Mobile crushing plant is the integration of feeding, crushing and conveying. With the optimization of the production process, it has excellent crushing performance in rock crushing, aggregate production and open-pit mining. It can form a powerful crushing flow line through a combination of different models to complete more operations than demand, which has economic operation cost, stable and reliable operation and high production efficiency. Mobile crushing plant mainly conducts the construction waste crushing and screening after assembling the jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, vibrating screen, feeder and a variety of special equipment. Through the optimization and strengthening design, it has higher strength, firm structure, reliable performance, good stability, less transportation costs, flexible combination, strong adaptability and convenient repair. The recycled materials is widely used in baking free brick, road infrastructure, construction and other industries to provide a new development ideas for the virtuous cycle of city construction field.

Impact of Infrastructure Construction on Crushing Industry

dongfang | 13 Сентябрь, 2017 00:04

The investment scope on railway construction will directly drive our engineering machinery according to some related reports, which cannot be neglected for every mining enterprise, and this is the reason why all related machinery enterprises pay more attention to the construction waste crusher at this right minute. Some of those enterprises hope that the sales amount can reach one new point, and the others emphasis on the development and researchment on new products, taking sandstone equipment for example, which is one of the most significant products in the construction of railway, highway, bridge and so on, and the above projects all need big amount of raw materials including sandstone and aggregate. Sandstone equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, vibrating feeder and so on, which can be widely used in railway construction. The higher demand for sandstone equipment, and higher requirement on the aggregate can provide more opportunities for the large-scale mining machinery with strong strength. SBM mining machinery, as one of the most famous mining enterprises in China with the powerful ability of researching and developing mining machinery will grasp this opportunity to contribute to the national railway construction.

ZENITH portable rock crusher for construction waste

dongfang | 19 Август, 2017 00:19

In view of the useful resources utilization about the construction waste, ZENITH machinery engineers integrate their own experience with the advanced technical experience of Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, design and manufacture the equipment specially for the integrated treatment of construction waste---construction waste crusher.. The portable rock crusher integrated crushing and screening together, starting from the new design concept, can better meet customer’s diversification, high quality, high yield, no pollution and other requirements, compared with the traditional crushing equipment, its advantage is particularly prominent: 1.Its overall performance is stable, having more than 15% equipment function, the capacity of unit time has a large increase in processing. 2.The crushing function of portable rock crusher is comprehensive, and it has a certain sorting and crushing effect on construction waste to ensure the processed materials more uniform. 3. Users can control the equipment accurately and operate it conveniently, and the portable rock crusher has big driving force and can save about 60% energy, the influence of the noise, dust and other pollutions are completely avoided in the process of production.

Mechanism Sand For Modern Construction

dongfang | 22 Июнь, 2017 19:10

Mechanism sand is the only product at present that can be used to replace natural sand. construction waste crusher is mechanism sand produced? Because the raw material has a great influence on the quality of the finished product. So the mechanism sand is very particular about its raw materials. Since different models of equipment are suitable for processing different materials. So it is very important to choose an appropriate sand maker machine. Sand making machinery is an essential link to realize architectural modernization. Our country's construction industry is characterized by high labor intensity, poor working condition and large labor consumption. Only by realizing construction mechanization, can we ensure the project's quality and progress, sand making machine and reduce the project cost. In some small-scale hydropower engineering projects, due to the influence of capital and other factors, they only attach little importance to sand making process. As a result, the grate of the mechanism sand is not reasonable and usually of poor quality. What's worse, it may pose a safety hazard to the whole project. Therefore, sand and gravel processing system is one of the most important subsidiary facilities for hydropower engineering. To provide the construction engineering with good-quality and sufficient artificial aggregates is the basic guarantee for the project to be completed successfully. Construction mechanization provides a reliable guarantee for the reform of the construction process. In return, ultrafine mill the reform of the construction process and the application of new technologies will put forward higher requirements on sand making equipment's performance, quality and model, which can further facilitate the development of sand making machinery industry.

Methods of Increasing the Output of the Raymond Mill

dongfang | 22 Июнь, 2017 18:51

As is known to us, the Raymond mill is a common powder grinding equipment, which is widely used. However, it is not perfect. There are many problems in the usage of the Raymond mill. There are some methods, which can make some of these problems be dealt with. For example, if we want to increase the output of the Raymond mill, the problems that cause the low output of it must be found out, which mainly are as follows: 1. The tongue-like plate of the raymond mill isn’t locked well. 2. There is too much abrasion of the grinding rolls and the grinding rings. Or, the material inside the Raymond mill hasn’t been ground adequately. 3. Inadequate blast volume of the blower in the powder grinding system with the Raymond mill may lead to the excessive fine final product, which will decrease the productivity of the machine. 4. If there is too much moisture of the material being processed by the Raymond mill, it may get stuck with the material. 5. If the material is of excessively high hardness, it will take much longer time to grind the material.. 6. The user’s high requirement in the particle size of the final product will cause the decrease of the extraction rate. We can deal with these problems with different methods so that we can adjust the output of the Raymond mill. Next, there are some methods summed up by ZENITH for you; 1. Close the tongue-like plate. 2. The worn parts of the ultrafine mill should be replaced immediately. 3. The blast volume of the blower should be adjusted so that the material can be dried completely. Then, it can be ground. 4. You should choose the proper material to make your demand in the particle size of the final product be met with the specification of the Raymond mill.
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